Beatle George Harrison with Ravi Shankar

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18 – 9 – 70
Beatle George Harrison and his friend, sitar-playing Ravi Shankar, were together again helping to promote a festival of Indian Arts, music and dance to be held at London’s Royal Festival Hall. Harrison, who has kept out of the public eye for the best part of a year, explained that he was trying to remain anonymous, but was anxious to help pubblicise the festival.
Shankar and Harrison have been friends for some years since George became interested in Indian music and spiritualism. After watching short recitals by classical Indian singer Girija Devi, and some beautifully delicate dancing by Uma Sharma, George explained his interest in the music. He said: ‘It is music you live. You could call it soul music. I’ve heard most of the musicians before in Bombay and I would like to think that others went going to be aware of them.’
Asked if he still played the sitar, he said: ‘No. It would take me about ten years to study it, and I have other things which have to be done. The more I’ve learned about it the more I’ve realized how little I know.’
PICTURE SHOWS: Beatle George Harrison, his hair flowing down his back in a luxuriant pony tail, talks of old times in Bombay with one of the musicians. His sitar-playing friend, Ravi Shankar, is at the far left.
Anno: 1970
Dimensioni: 18 x 23,5 cm
Medium: stampa originale alla gelatina ai sali d’argento (vintage print)